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Taking A Leap in Consciousness

Taking A Leap in Consciousness

By Kenneth Schmitt

Posted on July 15, 2024 


When we have gone far enough in experiencing what is possible in the realm of human experience, we begin to look for the next kind of reality, something that supports greater fulfillment in every way. This is what requires a leap in consciousness, because it depends entirely upon living in complete alignment with the guidance of our heart. This is also the guidance of nature and her creatures. We are rightfully the caretakers of everything through our mastery of life beyond ego-consciousness.

To make a leap in consciousness, we must recognize unconscious attachment to past trauma or training that may be carried from former lives or previously in this life. This attachment disempowers us, as does unconscious attachment to the present realm with no desire to change our current vibratory range. When we experience fear or stress, these feelings are clues to the need for us to change our attention. By loving what we are afraid of or stressed out about, with understanding and gratitude, we have an opportunity to transform our lives. As we imagine the most beautiful and wonderful feelings that we’re capable of. We can call forth our emotions and use them from a perspective of infinite life-enhancement and creative ability. Our heart’s desires can direct our personal experiences.

We can live in this new world intentionally. To do so means giving up all attachment to the realm of good and evil, as we have known it, with all its limitations and consciousness blocks. We can be grateful in a realm of joy and beauty. This is where magic happens, and every experience is wonderful. This is the realm of unconditional divine love in union with all conscious beings. Our recognition of the spark of divine life that we share with every living being means that all are loved—even those of negative frequencies. We bid them farewell from our experience by feeling our mastery of creative expression through love and joy, empowered by the life force flowing through our heart. This opens our creative power to enhance all life, providing everything we could want, while supporting our creative presence.

Here is what happens when we choose to be aware of, and follow, the guidance that comes to us through the consciousness of our heart. Regardless of how our heart is treated, it will do everything it can to enhance our life by the way the heart adapts to our needs. (S)He is always joyfully helping us. If a person approaches us with a negative vibrational intent to satisfy some need or desire of the ego, our heart guides us to remain in our divine perspective with no outside needs or desires. If the person of ego consciousness is able to be open to the feelings of the heart, (s)he can enter the realm of love and joy with us. If not, (s)he won’t want to be in our presence, because we cannot be sold anything, and we cannot be victims. Our life force is not available to negatively-oriented beings.

The negative-frequency beings can’t be with us, because they limit their focus and desires to a separate, negative vibrational realm. We’re aware of them, and we can choose to relate only to the light of life in each of them. The spirit of God lives in everyone, and we can recognize it and relate to it. It is the feeling of love and joy in its presence within, however little it may be present.

When we create anomalies in our life path, we take our attention away from the guidance of our heart and allow ourselves to identify with ego-consciousness. This is the realm of fear and insecurity. Once we realize that we’re in fear, we can change dimensions by being grateful for everything. This aligns us with the consciousness of our heart and opens our awareness to our inner guidance. Here there are no needs, because our infinite creative ability provides everything our heart desires and much more. We can live as humans, while being our presence of awareness in every encounter. We are constantly modulating all of the energies around us and within our aura, just by how we are in expressing our vibrations. When we follow our inner knowing, we can open our awareness to infinite consciousness and creative ability. The vibratory range of this reality is beyond the realm of fear. Enforced by our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our alignment with fear decreases our life force, because we use it to create fear for ourselves and everyone around us who is open to it. We create its reality. Without our attention, vibratory alignment and realization, it would not exist for us. Without fear, by following our inner knowing, we can use our life force to be the masters of our situations.

Kenneth Schmitt
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Finding A New Normal

Finding A New Normal

The Creator Writings

Channel: Jennifer Farley

Posted on July 15, 2024

With the recent changes and new developments, you may feel a bit out of balance and looking to establish a new normal. One of the most important things to remember is to release the need to panic! 

Think of all the things you have been through, the challenges you have overcome. This is just a minuscule moment in time. You will come out the other side with a bit more knowledge and eventually, become one of the wise elders that say, “I remember when…”

The Creator
Jennifer Farley  

 Reminder discernment is recommended


An Upgrade—Not a Let Down

An Upgrade—Not a Let Down

Thought Adjuster

Is The Teacher

Message received by Anyas

Posted on July 15, 2024


Oregon, USA, June 14, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “It requires much sensibility and diplomacy to help someone alter a fixed point of view. Quite often, that person’s ego stands in the way, afraid to lose face in that process. It has always been a considerable stumbling block in the revelation of truth.

In his one-to-one ministry, Jesus’s approach to helping others discard the erroneous elements of their belief system was not a frontal but a lateral one. “Never once did he attack their errors or even mention the flaws in their teachings. In each case he would select the truth in what they taught and then proceed to embellish and illuminate this truth in their minds that in a very short time, this enhancement of the truth effectively crowded out the associated error; [...]” [UB 132:0:4]

Jesus was an intuitive teacher who intelligently adapted his teachings to the needs-to-know of his interlocutors, thus teaching at multiple levels through his enlightening words and shining example. While doing so, he also imparted the fundamentals of teaching, as another one of his objectives was to form many itinerary teachers.

Those among you who relish in the frontal approach immediately place their interlocutors on high alert. They trespass in their personal space, causing an immediate shutdown of their mental receptivity mixed with resentment and hostility.

On the other hand, by taking the time to get to know your interlocutors, you demonstrate genuine respect and acceptance, thus prepping their minds to host enlightening thought seeds. A seemingly insignificant remark can go a long way when it rings your inner bell of truth at the most unexpected moment. Your alerted mind gets then involved in processing the truth content, which takes it on thrilling new trains of thought that broaden your mental horizons and have a positive impact on your way of life.

Such perfectly-timed epiphanies give way to irrepressible surges of gratitude. Once they hit the mark of your heart, you sigh in relief, gratefully acknowledging them for the precious gifts they are — no longer viewing them as humiliating let-downs.

The planetary Correcting Time is all about full disclosure. Only by setting all records straight can the decision-making process be facilitated. Can you envision a world where all publicized data has passed rigorous and unbiased fact checks? What a forward leap it would be toward the Age of Light and Life!

Refrain from drawing hasty conclusions based on incomplete narratives that mostly amount to shameless emotional manipulation. Hone your discernment skills to clean up your database. By sincerely searching for the truth, you will be led to it as you have been equipped from on high with a reliable inner truth detector — a finely-tuned device that homes onto the bright emissions of truth.”


© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 


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    The Keepers of Time

    The Keepers of Time

    The Blue Avians (12D)

    Channel: Octavia Vasile

    Posted on July 15, 2024

    We are here to invite you, the reader of our message, to look through the veils of time. There are timekeepers among you as well, and you might start remembering the different worlds you experience simultaneously. This is a great time for you all.

    It has happened before that humanity has awakened to its multidimensionality and started to travel between realities, exploring the quantum field. Although it happened, not so long ago, the timelines were shifted so that you, human beings, did not benefit. Timelines were manipulated not for the good of all, but for the benefit of the few who considered themselves to be the elite—the keepers of the secrets.

    Not so long ago, your history was changed and replaced with stories serving this new reality. Books, ancient manuscripts, and other documents that attested to the truth were hidden, though many still exist on Earth. Your entire planet has been a universal gateway for a very long time and is destined to take back its place in the Universe.

    Now you will restore your destiny and rediscover who you truly are and what level of development you achieved. Many of you will remember and step forward—maybe you are already feeling it—and in this case, dare to look for the truth. Once the truth is revealed, your DNA will be reactivated.

    This is not a message of war; it is one of truth and commitment to your real journey. The information has to be disclosed, and the truth will once again be revealed for the timeline to be restored to its original vibration. Ask for the old manuscripts to be made public—have the courage to at least think about a greater history than you can even imagine. Start searching within, and the outside will reflect it.

    We will be here to guide you on how to access the hidden information. If you resonate with our message, simply affirm “yes,” and we will connect with you. We never left you, but now we are closer than ever. We have a commitment toward Earth, and you have one toward your species.

    Do not lose hope, but trust and step forward because there are memories not only of a past, but of a “future” that lives within you, and it is as alive as this life. Be the keeper of the truth and remember that you are never left alone.

    Octavia Vasile

    Love is Always Shining behind Life’s Clouds…

    Love is Always Shining behind Life’s Clouds…

    The Angels

    Channel: Ann Albers

    Posted on July 14, 2024


    My dear friends, we love you so very much,

    Never in your existence could you ever fail in the eyes of the Divine. You are eternal beings. You come to earth for the pure joy of creation. You come to learn. You come to expand, evolve, and allow more love to flow to you and through you. Love is the name of your earthly game, and no tangible thing that you accomplish will ever be more important than the countless ways you can experience and express love. 

    We are not talking about the human idea of romantic love. That is only one of countless possible expressions of Divine love. If you take a bite out of a warm piece of bread and savor the taste, the Divine, expressed within that bread, meets the Divine within you and experiences itself in a whole new and amazing way.

    If you walk barefoot on the cool grass and take a moment to savor its softness, nurturing your feet and connecting you with the earth, it becomes a symphony of love. The Divine within the earth feels the Divine within your feet and greets the Divine within the grass.

    The reason you so dearly desire the love and approval of others is because, within their favorable gaze upon you, you feel the favor of God. Within their approval, you feel God’s approval. Within their love, you feel God’s love. There is only one love, dear ones, and it can come through the eyes of a lover, your child, your kitty, your dog, the sunrise, your coffee, or countless other expressions of this One.

    Most of you were trained to value what you do, and of course, there is value in enjoying your accomplishments, your service, and your recreation. Most of these activities are beautiful expressions of love. However, so is resting, napping, and just “being” when these are the things you are authentically called to do.  We would implore you to refrain from judging yourselves based on productivity and instead set your measure of success to one simple criterion: Am I experiencing or expressing love in even the smallest of ways?

    You have been taught to push love away in so many ways. We marvel at how humanity has devised methods to push away Divine love and attempt to “grab” it from one another. Divine Love is the sun that eternally attempts to shine in your hearts. You feel good when you align with the vibration of love. You feel bad when you do not.

    We have said this many times: there is a huge difference between “like” and “love” as we define it. You like certain foods and not others. You like certain behaviors and not others. You like certain people and not others. That is ok! You came for the contrast. It propels you closer to your own heart and helps you figure out the experiences that you do wish to create.

    You do not have to like and eat every food to keep your body healthy and happy. You simply have to find that which nourishes and pleases you. Likewise, you do not have to like everything or everyone to be in a vibration of love. You simply have to turn your thoughts to who or what you can love, and then you will nourish your soul, enjoy your life, and experience the love you came to embrace and share.

    So turn away from that which does not feel like love and set your sights on that which does. If the behavior of others bothers you, look at the behavior of those who please you. If someone living in your house or at your workplace is upsetting, consider the fact that there are those who are kind. If you love someone but can’t stand their behavior, turn your sights to the things you do like about them.

    In every person or situation, there will be things you like and things you do not, but in every case, you can find something in your present moment that will help you attune to the vibration of love—if only by choosing a pleasing thought.

    Sometimes, you are in a moment where love is easy to find. Sometimes, you are in a moment when love seems hidden. It is there, nonetheless. Sometimes, people make it easy for you to love, and other times, you have to stretch, reach, and be creative to find something to love in their presence. Nonetheless, the vibration of love is present. The Divine is streaming love at all times, and you can, if you are willing, find a way to tap into it, either by looking for it or flowing it from your heart.

    You don’t do this for others, dear ones, although they will benefit. You don’t do it for the world, although the world always benefits from your love. You do it because you feel good when aligned with your true nature and not so good when you are not. You do it because you are powerful when attuned to love. You do it because you can perceive your guidance in the vibration of love.

    Grant yourself permission to attune to love even in the tough times because you deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel guided. You deserve to know the stream of love and life that creates you flowing to you and through you, for in that stream, all is made new.

    God Bless You! We love you so very much.

    The Angels.

    Ann Albers

    ©2016/2024 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved

    14 Phrases Emotionally Immature Men Use (and How to Deal with Them)

    14 Phrases Emotionally Immature Men Use

    (and How to Deal with Them)

    By Janey Davies, B.A. (Hons)

    Posted on July 14, 2024

    It’s a fact that adolescent girls mature faster than boys, but have you ever thought your partner didn’t get the maturity memo?

    Old school ideas of masculinity can make it difficult for men to understand their emotions. We teach boys not to cry from an early age. Expressing your feelings is girly and frowned upon. This can lead to emotional immaturity.

    So, how can you identify emotional immaturity in a man? Does he act immaturely when things don’t go his way? Are you constantly telling him to ‘Grow up’ or ‘Stop sulking’?

    Emotionally immature men use certain phrases that reveal their level of maturity. In this article, I’ll show you 14 of the most common ones.

    14 Phrases Emotionally Immature Men Use

    1. “Chill out.”

    Sometimes saying ‘chill out’ is necessary, but not when you’re trying to discuss an important issue. Telling you to chill out dismisses your feelings. It’s a way of avoiding conflict. Mature men can debate difficult topics. They’ll want to know why you’re upset and work towards a solution.

    2. “I’m fine…”

    Emotionally immature guys avoid vulnerability. Rather than tackle tough conversations, they prefer to stew and sulk. Eventually, this building resentment boils over, making a manageable situation deteriorate.

    3. “I’m just being honest…”

    Social interactions are nuanced and considered. Emotionally immature men don’t understand this, so they use phrases like this to justify thoughtless behavior. It absolves them of all responsibility for the other person’s feelings.

    4. “You started it…”

    Mature men have an internal locus of control. This means they take responsibility for what happens. They own their mistakes. They’re self-aware and recognize their faults.

    Emotionally immature men have an external locus of control, which means they blame others when things go wrong. Saying ‘You started it’ is a way of avoiding blame.

    5. “It wasn’t my fault…”

    Just as children whine and protest their innocence when caught out, so do emotionally immature men. Owning up to mistakes makes them feel vulnerable, which causes them a great deal of discomfort.

    6. “I don’t want to talk about it…”

    Isn’t it irritating when someone is in a mood but won’t tell you why? Compromise is important in any relationship, but emotionally immature men are incapable of seeing other people’s points of view.

    Opting for silent treatment is passive aggressive, and an easy way out of confronting tough issues.

    7. “It’s not a big deal.”

    This phrase is used to brush aside your feelings and move on to something less troubling. You’re being told that your emotions aren’t valid and you’re making a fuss about nothing.

    8. “You didn’t remind me…”

    Immature adults like to be babied or mothered. As a result, they have zero discipline because they’ve never dealt with the consequences. They need constant reminders to do the basics of living.

    9. “I don’t care.”

    Saying ‘I don’t care’ is the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and singing ‘la la la la la’. It’s probably the most childish phrase emotionally immature men use. You can imagine kids shouting it as they misbehave. It reveals a lack of empathy for the other person.

    10. “You know what I’m like…”

    When men use this phrase, what they’re really saying is,

    ‘I’m not changing this unacceptable behavior and you’ll just have to get used to it.’

    This phrase usually follows inappropriate behavior. Maybe he talks in a baby voice or grabs your breasts whenever he wants, or perhaps he eye rolls or yawns in company.

    11. “If you loved me, you’d…”

    Love is not conditional; it involves compromises in both partners. One way you can tell a guy is emotionally immature is if he uses ultimatums like,

    “You would if you loved me” or “You just don’t love me enough.”

    12. “What about me?”

    Needing attention is a sign of emotional immaturity. Emotionally immature men don’t know how to (or don’t want to) put others first. Everything is about their needs, to the detriment of all around them.

    13. “You’re just a bitch.”

    Name-calling suggests you don’t have the goods to enter a mature discussion. This impulsive behavior is typical of someone who hasn’t learned how to curb their emotions. It’s childish. As we grow up, we should learn to control outbursts as we understand the consequences more.

    14. “I’ll do what I want.”

    Immature men are selfish, with fragile egos, and have zero tolerance for discomfort or things they don’t like. Mature adults know that compromise is important, and you can’t always get your own way.
    What Is Emotional Immaturity?

    There are many ways to tell if a person is emotionally immature:
    • They can’t manage their emotions.
    • They put off hard conversations.
    • They won’t admit their mistakes.
    • They can’t work through a problem.
    • They don’t know when they need help.
    • They sulk after a dispute.
    • They never take responsibility for their actions.
    • They run away from their emotions.
    • They have a victim mentality.
    • They dismiss other people’s feelings.
    • They are incapable of listening to others.
    • They have an external locus of control.
    • They can’t be vulnerable in front of others.
    • They are incapable of self-reflection.
    • How to Deal with an Emotionally Immature Man?

    You won’t change this behavior overnight; however, change is possible with patience, setting boundaries, and understanding.
    Identify the origin

    Most adult behavior stems from our upbringing. Growing up in an abusive household can affect the way we process our emotions. Research suggests there’s a link between childhood mistreatment and emotional immaturity.

    Starting a conversation where the emphasis is on how their behavior affects you makes it less like a personal attack.
    Recognize it might not be their fault

    Studies show adverse childhood experiences halt the healthy development of parts of the brain that control impulsivity and reasoning. So, if you want to help your man, it’s important to understand there might be a physical cause for their behavior.

    Get therapy

    Couples counseling, CBT or one-to-one therapy can help reveal the causes of emotional immaturity. Of course, your guy has to recognize there’s a problem and wants to change.

    Set boundaries

    Just because you want to help and be understanding doesn’t mean you have to put up with unacceptable behavior. Identify the actions or behaviors you won’t tolerate, set consequences for inappropriate behavior and don’t pander to childish behavior.
    Final Thoughts

    Emotionally immature men don’t see their flaws, they can’t accept their mistakes, they want everything their own way and throw tantrums when they don’t get it. If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, you can help them become more emotionally mature.


    Sub-editor & staff writer at Learning Mind
    Janey Davies has been published online for over 10 years. She has suffered from a panic disorder for over 30 years, which prompted her to study and receive an Honours degree in Psychology with the Open University. Janey uses the experiences of her own anxiety to offer help and advice to others dealing with mental health issues.
    Copyright © 2012-2024 Learning Mind. All rights reserved. For permission to reprint, contact us.

    Prophecy saw failed attempt to eliminate Trump followed by victory in election

    Prophecy saw failed attempt to eliminate Trump followed by victory in election

    By Mike Adams

    Posted on July 4, 2024

    A powerful prophecy recorded in March described in great detail the assassination attempt on Trump, saying it would fail and that a bullet would graze Trump's right ear.

    That same prophecy foresaw Trump winning in November, then America being plunged into a time of great economic darkness. A "great dark time" is coming.

    But after a time, America will experience a spiritual revival, after all the evil followers of Satan destroy each other in the chaos.

    We've got the full story (and a video clip) on that, plus two interviews with firearms / security experts, about the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

    Find the full broadcast and interviews here.