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Iran attacks Israel, brought to you by Coca Cola, Vanguard and BlackRock

Iran attacks Israel, brought to you by Coca Cola, Vanguard and BlackRock

By Benjamin Fulford

Full Geo-Political Report of April 15, 2024

Posted on April 18, 2024

Posted today by Edward Morgan


The corporate theater of the absurd that passes off as news in the West reached a new low with the so-called Iranian attack on Israel that was “99% stopped” by Israel. The Israeli cabinet then issued a photograph and video with bottles of Coca Cola prominently displayed. Coca Cola is owned by Vanguard, BlackRock and the usual suspects so you know who is sponsoring this “Iranian attack.” Of course the Israeli government had to obey the orders of their corporate sponsors with product placement.

This theater though, hides a very real war that is now raging between two alternative timelines for the planet earth. This war is heading for a climactic battle in May. That is when the Khazarian Mafia will be trying to use their privately owned WHO to impose totalitarian rule over humanity via their “pandemic treaty.” The KM are planning to release bio-weapons to create a pandemic just in time for the discussion. This is probably why people reported chemtrails being sprayed all over the US before the April 8theclipse.

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This “emergency” they create will then be used to justify forced vaccinations, forced internment in concentration camps, total censorship etc.

The KM, headed by David Rene de Rothschild, Klaus Schwab Rothschild etc. say they are not going to give up control of the financial system. Instead they propose to use crypto currencies to continue their unelected rule. Under their plan everyone will be given a “basic income” that will be tied to their “social credit score.” If you obediently take all their vaccines etc. you will be allowed to eat insect protein, travel outside your “zone” and get other benefits, Those who are disobedient will have their income restricted or cut off and have their travel restricted etc. Real dissidents will be systematically killed off.

The KM offered the head of MI6 a $48 billion bribe payable in bitcoin to support their plan. He declined the bribe and instead opted to support the white hat plan.

The alternative proposal put forth by white hats and their Asian allies can be seen in the document they are about to sign:

In reflection of the original creation, the White Dragon Foundation hereby authorizes the issuance of $100 trillion. This money will be backed by gold in possession of the Santa Romana Clan.

Upon issuance, $50 trillion will be sent to the bank account designated by the Santa Roman clan to finance their humanitarian projects.

The other $50 trillion will be used by the White Dragon Foundation to set up a future planning organization. As per agreement between East and West, the purpose of this organization will be to increase the amount and variety of life, including human life.


Representative of the White Dragon Foundation

Representative of the Santa Romana Clan

The Santa Romana clan sent us these images showing some of the gold in their possession and said they were willing to provide all necessary proof the $100 trillion worth of gold is real and in their possession. They plan to use their $50 trillion share for humanitarian projects of their choosing and design.


The Western white hats will use their share as described in the document. Under this plan the future planning organization will be set up under the light of full public scrutiny. It will hire the most intelligent people on earth. It will ask everybody what sort of future they want for the planet and then figure out the best way to make that future come true.

There are some clear things everybody agrees on. For example disease, poverty and environmental destruction must be ended. Then a massive effort will be made to end death, the number on enemy of life.

To summarize, the KM timeline calls for the planet to be turned into a giant animal farm controlled by them. The other calls for the people to decide what future they want and for their public servants to turn that into reality.

Serious turmoil is expected between now and May as the two sides duke it out.

The Israeli theater now appearing on your screens is ultimately sponsored by the Black Sun organization as well as the KM families. P3 Freemason Honcho Vincenzo Mazzara says the Black Sun “will keep carrying out mayhem and destruction until a World Federation Government is established.”

According to them, while the theater in Israel is mostly fake; there is real warfare going on. As an example, they sent us this image of the illegal US green zone in Iraq being totally destroyed.

In addition, the special naval forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) have seized Israel-linked MSC Aries container ship near the Strait of Hormuz, official news agency IRNA reports.

Let’s see if it is child slaves they find in the containers.

Things could rapidly escalate. US Space Force officials warn that Israel is planning to attack Iran with an earthquake weapon within the next 24 to 48 hours. If this happens, Iran is likely to retaliate using the neutron bomb tipped missiles given to them by George Bush Sr.

This is why visible de-escalation measures are being seen in the Middle East. Nobody wants this to escalate into all out thermonuclear war and the destruction of the planet. Except for the KM of course

The Russians are also planning very big moves. Russian FSB sources say their operatives are targeting the Rothschild/Rockefeller etc. families.

The Russian Investigative Committee says their criminal inquiry into the recent terrorist attack in Moscow has established “the funds were received through commercial organizations, such as the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings operating in Ukraine.” Burisma, as is well known, is linked to Hunter Biden who is a front for the Rockefeller/Rothschild KM nexus.

“This is how it will go down in history: an inhuman and misanthropic regime of terrorists and Nazis who betrayed the interests of their people and sacrificed them for Western money and handouts for Zelensky and his inner circle,”says Russian Permanent Representative Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya. In a recent example of “inhumanity,” official test results show a mass die off of birds was caused by feeding on Ukrainian grain that had been deliberately poisoned, according to Polish intelligence.

The Ukraine issue is just part of a much larger investigation by the Russian FSB of the KM. They have uncovered the hidden history of the operation to destroy the Soviet Union and the trail leads directly to Glencore Commodities. This is the Rothschild front that also now controls the Vatican Bank, the Bank of Japan etc.

It turns out the Rothschilds (through their front man Marc Rich) set up trading houses in Switzerland that bought Soviet oil, aluminum, zinc, chromium, steel, etc. “for only 5% to 10% of its market value then sold the commodity through its Swiss trading house at market value and pocketed the difference.” Over time this program “evolved into operating businesses for off-budget revenues, and from there into avenues for squirreling away funds for the safe retirement or political comeback of embattled communist leaders. Lines of business came to include money laundering, arms and drug trafficking and other plainly criminal activities. Before long, intelligence, business, politics and crime blurred indistinguishably into each other.”

After this scheme bankrupted the Soviet Union in 1991, the looting intensified. Lloyds of London estimates somewhere from $200 billion to $500 billion was looted from Russia between 1993 and 1998.

A key player in this scheme was the original Vladimir Putin. He was head of Russia’s presidential property management department from July 1996 to March 1997. There he was responsible for both the former Soviet Union’s property and the Communist Party’s property worth hundreds of billion-dollars. “Putin created schemes involving Joint Ventures, LLCs, and JSCs as front companies in order to claim large stakes in the transfer of state property to other persons and entities: for example, in East Germany, he fraudulently leased the huge cultural center of Russia in Berlin to a company for almost nothing but the company then leased the building for a very large amount. Putin pocketed the money that the company received from the expensive lease.”

A lot of this operation was run through Banco del Gottardo, a Swiss based successor to the notorious Banco Ambrosiano of Roberto Calvi.

In other words it was a Vatican Bank front. Most of the looted money found its way to London, the FSB sources say.

Russia’s chief prosecutor Yuri Skuratov uncovered this scheme in February 1999. Putin retaliated with a smear campaign that included releasing a video where “Skuratov allegedly has sex with two prostitutes.”

This is why Putin was killed and replaced with avatars loyal to the Russian Orthodox Church. They took over his operations and stopped the looting of Russia.

So, now we know why so many fabulously wealthy Russian oligarchs appeared after the fall of the Soviet Union. We also know why the KM hate Russia for cutting off this huge wealth stealing scam.

The details of all this can be found in the very detailed Wikipedia article linked below.

Here is more corroborating evidence. A current CIA/Former FBI agent describes seizing a Russian oligarch’s yacht “Because we could. No need for it. We just did it. It was there…We seize all kinds of other countries, people we don’t like, we seize all kinds of shit…Because everything’s based on the US dollar.”

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Russian FSB sources say they are working methodically to uncover the entire Rothschild/Rockefeller criminal network and will aim to get justice, including having the stolen funds returned and the criminals responsible prosecuted.

This is only one of the dragnets closing in on the Rothschilds, the Agnelis, the Rockefellers and other KM families.

The one they fear the most is the multiple investigations into their Covid and vaccine mass murder campaign.

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich –who is being held in prison on false charges- issued to following statement about this:

German journalist Paul Schreyer won a huge victory in court under the German version of the Freedom of Information Act. His court victory forced the German equivalent of the CDC to make secret documents available, which proved that the so-called pandemic was in reality a plandemic.

In light of the fact that the same thing happened simultaneously all over the world, it is very likely that — I mean, it was a lockstep thing — that this victory will have massive implications and ramifications worldwide.

This very, very important piece of news, this victory did not get stuck in the alternative media alone. Rather, it was impossible for the mainstream media to ignore it because now many people,many of them personally affected by the so-called measures, want to know the truth about Corona. And there will be more that they want to know.

And now there will be an official investigation here in Germany. Well, that is exactly what I did for three years

In the US, Senator Rand Paul is leading a Congressional investigation into the plandemic.

A CIA white hat medical doctor comments as follows:

“Rand Paul knows where the Covid trail leads. He is already honed in on the CIA. However, a Congressional investigation is not going to get the job done. These are international crimes against humanity. Accountability for Covid is going to require a Nuremberg-type of reckoning. It’s going to require a coalition between the world superpowers. We are not the only ones who have a claim on the heads of those responsible for Covid. Americans are not the only ones who suffered and died. The WH International Military Tribunal would be the appropriate entity to prosecute such crimes, but the UN isn’t exactly working either. This is an unprecedented situation that requires unprecedented solutions.”

The Japanese are also on the warpath about Covid. On this front Professor Masayasu Inoue held a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland where he threw major truth bombs at the WHO and the entire pharmacidical industry. Inoue says the Covid pandemic was a man- made hoax designed to “drive vaccinations” into the bodies of billions of people worldwide. The “false” pandemic was orchestrated by the WHO along with other globalist organizations and global governments. The resulting global vaccination agenda was a fraudulent use of “experimental gene therapy” that was pushed onto “healthy people.”

He also warned that Japan’s first mRNA vaccine manufacturing plant opened in February 2023 and others are in the works. “There is a high risk that Japan-made vaccines will be exported under the guise of false trust,” he says.

The Japanese population suffered over 400,000 excess deaths immediately after the first vaccinations were pushed on the public according to Japanese Health and Welfare Ministry data.

This has prompted massive anti-pandemic treaty demonstrations in Japan that the corporate media is ignoring.

The Japanese military are also now fighting back. The KM invited Japanese slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to Washington DC last week with the plan to put the Japanese military under the control of a US general. They issued this statement: “The United States reaffirms its determination to protect Japan, including with the use of nuclear weapons.”

Translation: They used nuclear blackmail against Japan to try to force it submit its’ military to KM and control and to hand over more money.

Our Japanese military sources confirm the KM used earthquake and nuclear weapon threats against Japan. The Japanese responded by saying the next time they were attacked in this manner, they would use their own weapons on the Atlantic Island of La Palma to cause a 100 meter tsunami to hit the East coast of the US and the South Coast of England.

As a result of this stance, the Japanese military remains independent and a new Emperor is now in de facto command in Japan. This new group has informed the US military they will work with the white hats to nationalize the Bank of Japan and fight the KM.

The Japanese are also working with Asian secret societies to resurrect the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere they fought to create during World War II. An Asian royal source tells us that “all eyes are on Israel now, but something very big is happening in China NOW, with no media coverage allowed.” Other sources tell us communist rule is ending in China.

The KM, meanwhile are still pushing ahead with their dystopian plans. Here you can watch Klaus Schwab Rothschild make veiled threats to create multiple black swan events.

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In what may be overdue justice, preliminary reports indicate Schwab may have been rushed to hospital for an undisclosed emergency. We shall see.

In the meantime his flunkies keep following orders to carry out his evil plans.

In the UK, they plan to ban beef and lamb and close all airports by 2029 as a part of their “climate change” scam. They want to confine you and control your food supply.

Meanwhile, the Polish government under KM agent Donald Tusk has unveiled a censorship law that calls for a punishment of 3 years in prison for truths that are inconvenient for gender ideologists and LGBT activists. Under this law people will be sent to jail for saying such things as:

“There are two genders.”

“Gender is a biological fact, not a matter of choice.”

“Gender is written in the genes and cannot be changed.”

“Transsexualism is a gender identity disorder.”

“Cutting off the breasts and genitals of teenagers is an irreversible mutilation of their bodies.”

“Homosexual acts are sinful.”

“Men who identify as women should not compete in women’s sports.”

At exactly the same time another KM slave, Justin Castrudeau, is passing a similar law that calls for criminal liability and a $25,000 fine for offensive statements against the LGBTQ community and protests against their promotion

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Don’t worry though, it will still be legal to criticize heterosexual Christians, white people etc.

Castrudeau also talked about how the new social credit score based social engineering will make life more expensive for those who don’t sign up for his WEF/KM vision of the future

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These are just some of the idiots they parade before the cameras as if they were leaders.

For example it looks like they just wheeled out another yet another “Defense Secretary” Lloyd Austin avatar to say “No evidence of genocide” in Gaza.

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They are also still using Nancy Pelosi, the eighth so far, as far as we can tell. The video below indicates these avatars are used in part for money laundering.

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Greg Reese from the Reese report shows nobody in the current so-called Federal Government took oaths of office. This means they are all traitors.

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Here is an example of what the KM has turned the US Congress has into. A Democrat from Texas, born in New York, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee tells students the moon is a ‘planet made up mostly of gases’

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) stunned attendees at a high school solar eclipse event Monday by claiming the rock-solid moon is a “planet” that is “made up mostly of gases” — before adding she still wants to be “first in line” to learn how to live there.

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Another KM puppet, the UK’s Rishi Sunak, apparently is so ignorant he does not even know how to use a hammer.

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Let’s not forget the top Dodo Joe Biden. In the video below Donald Trump speaks on Biden’s incompetence, his senility, and that we are on the verge of being dragged into a world war

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A fake Trump, meanwhile is still being trotted out to appear in fake court case dramas etc. However, even the corporate media is starting to ask questions as this report about Melania Trump indicates.

Melania Trump is keeping observers guessing whether she will appear, however warily, on the campaign trail alongside her husband.

Aloof and enigmatic, the Slovenian-born former model has been noticeably absent as husband Donald Trump makes his third bid for the White House.

Nor has she attended any court hearings with her husband as he navigates a myriad of cases.

There is also new evidence that some of the people they are trotting out may actually be clones. Take a look at the pictures of Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook, and David Scott Portnoy – American businessman and social media personality, founder and owner of Barstool Sports, a sports and culture company- and former White House Spokesperson Jens Psaki. Are they clones?

If so, who is creating them and why? Soon it may be possible for their puppet masters to be exposed without fear of repercussions. A case in point is Alex Jones of Infowars:

CIA contractor admits CIA targeted Alex Jones, FBI had agents at Jan 6

A Sound Investigations sting has recorded footage of a CIA Contracting Officer, and former FBI worker, appearing to admit to a string of questionable activities, including pressuring the families of the victims of Sandy Hook to sue Alex Jones and having agents present at the January 6 Capitol Incident.

Alex Jones is now on the counter-offensive saying: “I’m planning on launching a lawsuit against the CIA & FBI. I’ve retained firms to sue for Civil Rights violations Gov. Racketeering operation.”

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The KM seem to be taking the collapse of their control grid as if it was the end of the world. Or at least the Israelis seem to think so. The Israeli government plans to slaughter and sacrifice red heifers on April 22, 2024, the beginning of Passover, according to Mossad sources. “The red heifer sacrifice… involves the sacrifice of a red heifer that must be without blemish and entirely red, without a single non-red hair. The ashes of this sacrifice are then used in a purification ritual, essential for individuals seeking to access sacred spaces or engage in certain religious practices.”

This in preparation for building the third temple, the sources say.

Finally, in a sign we really are facing unprecedented events something massive left Antarctica during the solar eclipse and was caught on radar.

“What seems like a Blob moving from Antarctica all the way into the Atlantic ocean over the next few days! What is this mass?? A weather system or something else?” a Pentagon official asks.

Japanese military sources confirm it is not just a digital anomaly and that ocean buoys have recorded massive 80 foot waves in the region of the blob. US Space force sources confirm a “massive blast of energy” came out of Antarctica. They are investigating what the blast was and what its’ purpose was. We can only speculate but it may be related to an attack on the Nazi Antarctic base. We are definitely entering uncharted waters.


Benjamin Fulford

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